Hi, I am a WordPress Enthusiast

Passionate about CSS and WordPress

About Me

My name it’s Cristi Lupchian, and I am a WordPress Web Designer/Developer, I am currently living in Carlow Ireland originally from Romania and at the moment I am working as a Web Designer/Developer at Butterfly Media which it’s a personal website where I help the businesses in the South East of Ireland to promote their services online.

I thrive to offer agency service without the agency price everything what I can offer in terms of web design and development you can find it here

I am a web developer who can work alongside other talented IT professionals in creating websites to the highest standards with a high awareness of industries issues and trends, emerging technologies, and open source CMS.

I love WordPress because of it’s flexibility, search engine friendly, the variety of plugins which give you the opportunity to build advanced applications a lot easier, secure – even if there is a common misconception that WordPress it’s not secure if WordPress core, it’s plugins and themes are kept up to date + plus few more tricks WordPress it’s secure-, easy to maintain and many more. In the same time you can customize WordPress to your needs and it has an amazing community who are actively involved and work to make WordPress better.

Lifelong Learning Advocate