Challenge Failed – Next One Starting Soon
Edit – Blog Section Will be published soon.


Soon I will commit to the #100DaysOfCode Challenge
Information about this challenge will be posted soon along with a timeline with the daily progress.
Thank You for your patience!
#100DaysOfCode original website.

Edit, I finally decided to commit to the #100DaysOfCodeChallenge – I will follow the rules from the #100DaysOfCode original website but I will probably add few rules of myself, although I am not the biggest Twitter user or fan I will post daily my progress, mini projects or tutorials ( against the rules of the challenge if I am not wrong) documenting my coding journey for the next 100 days. I will display a section with all the resources used along this journey and any other useful resource.
Any questions or suggestions about the daily coding tasks please contact me or follow me on my social media accounts. Thank You!


#100DaysOfCode Challenge Timeline

#100DaysOfCode Challenge Timeline
January 12

D1 – Colt Steele Basic To Do List App

D1 – Finally I decided to commit to the #100DaysOfCodeChallenge – first day I started with Colt Steele Course Basic To Do App from Udemy. Please check out here the To Do List App. Features will be added in the future!